Specific Chiropractic manipulation is also referred to as a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is by far the most effective means of treatment a doctor of chiropractic has at his disposal to treat his patients. The adjustment, in many cases is the key to providing relief from most ailments and in many cases it is the KEY to changing a person’s life. It is the part of our treatment that changes structure and in so doing turns on the communication between the brain and body. Your body cannot function at 100% if there is interference of a nerve causing a loss of normal function, regardless of working out 7 days a week, eating all the best foods, getting enough rest and maintaining a relatively stress free life.

I am entering my 35th year of practice and I am confident in my ability to get the job done. I’ve seen approximately 10,000 new patients over the years and therefore have racked up a lot of experience adjusting the spine. If I were a new patient I’d want someone treating me with that kind of experience! You have my word, if I can help you, based on the initial exam results then I will do my best to get you well as quickly as possible. Rest assured if the results indicate that you have something that my area of expertise cannot handle I will refer you to someone who can.