New Patients

A consultation with Dr. Bentson is the first important step in the office procedures.  It is crucial to take sufficient time to fully understand how the chief complaint started, when it stated (chronicity) and how your complaints are affecting the quality of your health and life.

Examination of the areas of complaint:  A thorough Chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological tests will be performed by the doctor to determine if Chiropractic will be effective in eliminating your symptoms.

Radiographic Examination:  In order to get to the underlying cause of your symptoms, x-rays may be necessary.  The x-rays are taken by Dr. Bentson in office with certified state of the art equipment. Doctor will review the pictures with you so that you can see first hand the cause of your problems, the complicating factors involved, and to rule out more serious underlying causes that require a referral to other allied health care practitioners.

Treatment:  Treatment consists of specific chiropractic manipulation of the misalignment/fixation within you spine that is causing the irritation of your nerves and blocking the flow of energy from your brain to the area of your complaint.

Home instructions and follow up care.

The 5 Factors of Health: 

  • Exercise.  Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and conversely bodies at rest tend to stay at rest…If you don’t use it you lose it!
  • Sleep/Rest
  • PMA or positive mental attitude…studies show that happy people tend to have less physical complaints…every time you laugh your body produces white blood cells further protecting your health!
  • Nutrition:  The fuel you feed your body turns into energy…high octane fuel will enhance your bodies performance, i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods as wells as quality proteins that your body needs.
  • SNS or a sound nervous system!  Your nervous system must be functioning at 100% in order for you to have 100% health.  For example, you can eat the best whole foods money can buy but if you have an irritated nerve to your stomach or small intestine you will be unable to gleam all the nutrition from those foods.  Same goes with any of the above Factors.

Your nervous system is the focus with Chiropractic Care, our area of expertise!  If you’re not sure if yours is functioning at 100% , call us today to schedule your appointment!

Your first visit at our office will require extra time.  Allow yourself an hour.  We have new patient appointments set aside to insure sufficient time.