Chiropractic Services

Physical medicine modalities or physical therapy allow more options that assist in the healing process when appropriate. In my office we can provide ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, interferential current, hot and cold packs, along with a variety of muscle strengthening exercises designed to rehabilitate areas of weakened resistance or soft tissue injuries resulting from falls, car accidents and a multitude of other injuries.

Radiography: X-rays are utilized in my office and are used as a “blue print” that reveal all underlying issues regarding your spine and or extremities. An x-ray for example tells me many important details regarding your condition i.e. is the condition new or old, how old, is osteoporosis an issue, which way should I push the vertebra, is arthritis/ spondylosis a complicating factor, is there a fracture, is there a lesion, is there a congenital anomaly that I should be aware of? A multitude of important information is derived from viewing your x-rays and most importantly the formulation of the adjustment you’re about to receive. The onsite x-ray facilities insure that treatment can be rendered on the same day!

Specific Chiropractic manipulation therapy (CMT)

Physical Medicine Modalities


Exercise therapy/Home exercises


Massage Therapy

X-ray facility is also available onsite at 5th St. Chiropractic Clinic for your convenience.